Active Ageing


Active Ageing is for people with a disability aged 55 to 64 who have moderate to very high support needs.

It is designed to help people with a disability participate as valued and active members of society as they age by providing flexible day programs and activities that meet their individual needs, including health needs, as they grow older.

We also provide support for longer term future planning for adults with a disability and their families and carers.



Activities provided vary according to the person’s age and preferences but include a wide range of options undertaken by other community members at the same stage in life.

Activities could include attending easy exercise classes, aqua-aerobics and other ways of keeping fit and healthy.

Community access opportunities provided to maintain and enhance social networks and supports through social groups.



We provide both centre based and community access opportunities.

We also have a transport service which is available to pick you up and drop you home.



Up to 18 hours a week on weekdays – usually across 3 days per week but flexibility is the key.