Adult Peer Support Program


Peer Support is the premier recreational, social, sporting and community access service operating across the Central Coast.

It provides peer and social support activities for people with disabilities aged 18 or over.


We offer:

  • Group social outings across the coast and to Sydney and Newcastle;
  • We go to pubs, clubs, shows, dinner, sporting events, markets, movies, picnics, BBQs right across the weekend;
  • You can choose the events which suit you from our monthly calendar
  • You can suggest places to go at our hang out nights or any time you talk to a staff member;
  • Monthly overnight (24 hour) sleepovers are provided with a community access focus.
  • Swimming, exercises and gym visits
  • Activities for all tastes and budgets
  • Guaranteed good times and plenty of fun with people the same age as you!!
  • Transport is available cross the Central Coast at a small cost. When?



  • Mainly on weekends and evenings but some weekday activities are available for people without funded weekday programs