Life Choices


Life Choices is a program of activities for people aged between 25 and 54 with disability who have moderate to very high support needs.

It is designed to help people with disabilities enhance their social relationships through friendship and community activities.

Building resilience and independence are also important parts of this program through maintaining and enhancing social and other skills.



Each person creates their own program and chooses their own activities which can include training and development such as attending TAFE or undertaking another course, volunteering , numeracy and literacy development or computer familiarity.

Maintaining and enhancing skills is also an important part of the program through learning cooking, craft, community gardening, washing and ironing, personal grooming, interpersonal skills, self esteem and relationship building, sensory development and learning to be part of a group.

People can choose activities such as swimming, fishing, bowling, keeping fit, drama classes, sailing, BBQs, picnicking or playing sports like golf.

There are so many choices depending on what each person wants to include in their individual program.

Transport is offered from across the Central Coast at a small cost. 



This is a community-based program with lots of things to do in the community, or you can join any of the activities running out of our Watanobbi, Berkeley Vale and Woy Woy centres.



Up to 18 hours a week is provided for each person.