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Coastlink Cottages

Coastlink has two wheelchair accessible residential houses that provide a warm, friendly home-like environment for people with disability or the frail aged.

The cottages can be used for overnight, planned or emergency accommodation. The cottages were purpose built by Coastlink to provide much needed short term accommodation, respite and holiday options for people living or visiting the Central Coast. Each cottage has five bedrooms and can sleep up to nine people.


Time for You

While we care for your loved one at our beautiful Lodge you, the carer, will have time to relax, meet friends and family, make new friends.  Taking a break from your caring responsibilities can help you maintain your love of life and your social networks which sustain you. While you are enjoying a break we will support the person you care for age appropriate groupings.


Who can use the Cottage?

Any person with disability or the frail aged can access the cottages. Government funding can usually be sourced to pay for most if not all of your accommodation needs.

Parents and carers of people with disability or of a frail aged person may find the cottages a great opportunity to receive respite and have some time to themselves to do the things they love to do.  

The cottages may be used for multiple clients to enable them to meet or spend some time with their friends. We believe it is important that people staying in the cottages get the opportunity to mix with people their own age or people with similar interests. This will ensure that everyone using the cottages is matched with others staying there and enjoy their stay.


How long can you stay?

We will work with you to tailor a program to suit your needs including overnight, weekend and weekday stays that suit you.  We also offer emergency care in case you have to go to hospital or deal with an emergency at any time.

If you are taking a longer holiday we can help there too by offering extended care for your loved one.


How much does it cost?

There may be various sources of funding available to support access to our cottages. A contribution to costs is often required.

Contact 4321 1022 for further information