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By Caro
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Dear Coastlink clients,
As you would be aware, here at Coastlink we have been keeping a close eye on the ever-changing COVID-19 situation, both across the country and closer to home.
With the recent news of a positive COVID-19 test result recorded on the Central Coast, we are implementing updated measures to provide the best level of protection for every person in our care. These changes include:
FOOD COURTS: Coastlink will not currently support clients to visit or eat meals in indoor or outdoor food courts. Eating in cafes and restaurants that adhere to COVID safe practices will be supported; however, we encourage takeaway options wherever possible.
GYMS: Coastlink will not support clients to visit any indoor gyms until it is deemed safe enough to do so. In the meantime, we will continue to support our clients in participating in outdoor exercise and activity, including the use of outdoor exercise equipment.
GROUP ACTIVITIES: Group sizes at our Berkeley Vale Activity Hub and other Coastlink disability venues are being monitored, with potential reductions and additional health and safety measures have been introduced at all Coastlink centres.
Aged Care groups have been suspended until Monday 14 September. One on one community and home supports are continuing over this period.
Recreational activities such as bowling, are still permitted in smaller groups, as long as facilities and individuals are adhering to COVID safe restrictions, including social distancing and proper hygiene practices.
MASKS: All Coastlink staff are now wearing masks for all activities, and we encourage clients to do the same if possible.
MOVIES: Clients will continue to be supported to visit the movies, but the way we do this will change. Movie entry must be via the nearest entry point, and clients and carers will leave immediately after the movie has finished. 
PUBS & CLUBS: Coastlink is still not supporting clients to attend pubs and clubs until it is deemed safe enough to do so, and the risk of community transmission at these venues has decreased. 
SHOPPING CENTRES: Coastlink will continue to support all clients with their shopping needs, but will avoid large shopping centres including Erina Fair, Westfield Tuggerah and Deep Water Plaza where possible. 
Where possible, shopping needs will be met at smaller shopping complexes or specialty stores for specific items such as pharmacies. 
SINGING:  Additional measures have been implemented to allow clients to continue singing at our Berkeley Vale Activity Hub. This includes positioning of the singer behind a purpose-built counter shield, smaller group sizes and increased distancing between the singer and the group.
We thank our entire Coastlink community for supporting us to provide the best possible protection for every person in our care and will continue to update you as the situation progresses.
If you have any questions or need more information, please speak to your Coordinators or contact the Coastlink office on 4321 1022.

Living your way,


John Davis