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By Caro
Category: CEO Message

To all our valued Coastlink clients,


The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) has released its updated NDIS Price Guide and Support Catalogue 2020–21, which has come into effect from 1 July 2020. This updated guide applies all across Australia and provides information and advice about NDIS prices and related policies. Last year, Coastlink adopted the Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP) to ensure we can continue to improve our services and expand our support opportunities for all clients. The Berkeley Vale Activity Hub is one great example of how these funds are being used. Coastlink has again registered to adopt the TTP pricing for the 20/21 financial year and in line with our NDIS Service Agreements, we have adopted the NDIS TTP prices from 1 July 2020.

Updated Supports Pricing Good news for all Coastlink clients is that the NDIS has now ceased its COVID-19 loading of 10 per cent. This means that core supports have actually reduced in price from the COVID-19 pricing applied up until 30 June. Centre-based supports will now include a separate capital charge to cover facility costs (up until now this was inbuilt into support costs), which means future quotes and invoices will separate the two costs, but essentially reflect the total cost of in-centre supports.

A copy of the pricing guide can be viewed at

Our full price list is also available at Guide and Support Catalogue July 20

Updated Transport Pricing

Transport pricing will now be charged at 85 cents per kilometre. This cost will be shared with other clients being supported in the same transport shift. Although this pricing is in line with the NDIS price guide for non-modified vehicles, more good news for Coastlink clients is that it is much lower than the modified vehicle price allowable from the NDIS. Coastlink will maintain this price for all vehicles at this time, as the number of clients sharing Coastlink buses has been reduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


As always, we encourage you to speak to your Coordinators if you have any questions about pricing changes or contact the Coastlink office on 4321 1022.


Living your way,

John Davis