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Publications and Policies

Strategy documents and reports

Strategic Plan 2020-25

One Page Strategic Plan Overview 2020-2025

Annual Report 2020/21

Annual Report 2019/20

Annual Report 2018/19

Annual Report 2017/18

Audited Financial Report 2019-20

Strategic Plan 2016-19

Policies and procedures 

NDIS Support Catalogue 2022-23

31 - Working from Home 20210212

32 Emergency and Disaster Management 20220119

33 Dysphagia 20211206

34 Nutrition Meals and Hydration 20211212

NDIS Code of Conduct

NDIS Price Guide & Support Catalogue - January 2022

Feedback & Complaints

'Your Rights' Policy

Coastlink Service Access

Coastlink Pandemic Infection Control Policy

Corporate Governance Policy

Regulatory Compliance Policy

Information Management Systems Policy

Community Understanding and Engagement Policy

Continuous Improvement Policy

Risk Management Policy

Human Resource Management Policy

Human Resource Management - Child and Young Persons Protection / Child Safe Policy

Physical Resources Policy

Service Access Policy

Assessment Policy

Support Planning and Delivery Policy

Client Reassessment Policy

Client Referral Policy

Information Provision Policy

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

Complaints and Feedback Policy

Advocacy Policy

Independence Policy

Protection and Promotion of Human Rights / Zero Tolerance of Abuse Policy 

Supported Accommodation Policy

Specialist Disability Accommodation Policy

Support Coordination Policy

Subcutaneous Injections Policy