There’s been lots to celebrate for our Coastlink team and clients already this year, including International Women’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, and Harmony Week.

These awareness days provide an opportunity to highlight the importance of respect and inclusion – two of our core values. It also proves to be a lot of fun, with a plethora of activities organised in honour of these significant themes.

For International Women’s Day, we asked some of our own wonderful Coastlinkers about how Coastlink empowers them as women. What we found out, is that the positivity and enthusiasm of our staff is one of the greatest sources of empowerment for our clients. We’re so grateful to be surrounded by such strong and kind women at Coastlink, both our employees and our clients.

Our Green Point Friendship Group painted the town green for St Patrick’s Day. All of the attendees enjoyed a delicious home-cooked Irish stew for lunch, made with help from Helen Parsons. Afterwards, we enjoyed some fabulous St Patrick’s Day-themed craft activities, including painting and bedazzling a picture of a four-leafed clover. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was icing and decorating cupcakes to enjoy for afternoon tea.

Last but certainly not least, we celebrated inclusion during Harmony Week by hosting a sensational event. Harmony Week is about inclusivity, respect, and diversity, all of which align with Coastlink’s core values. Our clients and staff donned their best orange outfits, made fresh-squeezed orange juice and ate orange iced treats in honour of the occasion.

The 2022 Harmony Week theme was ‘Everyone Belongs’, a theme we practice every day.