A lover of sci-fi flicks like Avatar and an avid scrapbooker, photographer and traveller, Michelle Farina is a valued member of our Human Resources team.
We had a chat with Michelle to discover what she loves most about working with us, and where you’re likely to find her relaxing after hour. 

When did you join our team?

4 July 2023.

What has been your most unusual job to date?

While working in Defence in 2005, I was selected for a weeks’ cruise on a Royal Australian Navy ship, the HMAS Tobruk. We travelled from Cairns to Sydney to experience naval life at sea.

What do you like most about working with us?

Working with an excellent team of people who provide great services to people living with disability, enabling them to live their best life.

Where’s the best place you’ve ever travelled to?

Hawaii and Tahiti: the culture, and it’s a tropical paradise with beautiful marine life and the amazing local people.

Finish this sentence: my favourite thing to do is…

Catch up with friends and family.

And I’m happiest when…

All is going well with my family.

What is an ability you wish you had?

Precognition ability, to perceive or gain knowledge about future events.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Go to work, go home, get dinner, tidy and clean up, and then relax while surfing the internet, watching TV, and playing a game on my iPad .

After hours, what can we usually find you doing?

Enjoying photography, scrapbooking, travel, movies, and dining out with friends and family.