In this new series, we’re shining a spotlight on some of our Disability and Aged Care clients – affectionately known as ‘Coastlinkers’ – and the Coastlink services that help them to live their lives, their way.

In this edition, we’re getting to know Coastlinker Corey Pollock. Corey is a participant in our Community Access Program, which helps people living with disability to get out in the community and enjoy recreational, social and sporting activities across the Central Coast, Newcastle and Sydney.

Hi Corey! It’s so great to get the opportunity to chat with you. How long have you lived on the Central Coast, and what are some of your favourite places to visit here?

 I’ve lived on the Central Coast for seven years so far, having moved from Melbourne originally.

Some of my favourite places around here are local spots where I go on hikes and walks along the waterfront. I also love to spend time at the TAB and in West Gosford, where I help to put on a BBQ each week.

That sounds great – we’re sure they really value having you there to help. We know you’re a person with many interests and hobbies, too. Can you tell us a little bit about some of the other things you enjoy doing?

I love spending quality time with my friends and family, and doing a variety of activities like karaoke, basketball, tenpin bowling, going on hikes, and watching the Central Coast Mariners and the football.

We’re lucky to have such brilliant Support Workers on our Coastlink team that can help you to do all of this and more. What does their support mean to you?

Their support means a lot to me. They help to keep me on my toes! They’re lovely and friendly, and I always feel safe when I’m out in the community with them.

Can you tell us more about your journey with Coastlink? How long have you been a ‘Coastlinker’?

I’ve been with Coastlink for about three years now. I first found out about the organisation through my friend Mitchell and his family, and I started out with joining groups for ‘Friday Nighters’, before trying other programs like the bowling league and even fun weekend trips away.

As part of our Community Access Program, participants get to come along to sporting events, movies, karaoke, shows, dinners and more. What are some of your favourite events that you’ve participated in so far?

Karaoke for sure! I love to sing and dance with my friends when we’re out on those nights.

Being able to go to concerts in the city with Coastlink is special, too, such as when we went to see Human Nature and KISS.

I also have great memories of watching the Manly versus Bulldogs games at the stadium; they’re always fun nights out.

Do you feel as though being part of the Program has helped you to make community connections and build friendships, too?

 The Community Access Program has helped me form friendships and bonds with an awesome, tight-knit group, and allows me to spend quality time with friends during days or nights out at events.

Can you tell us about a particularly happy Coastlink memory, or one activity that stands out most to you?

One of my best memories has to be when I was able to go away on holiday with several others to Queensland with Coastlink.

We visited the theme parks, experienced the ‘Dracula’ dinner show, and had a really fun time!

It was also the first time flying for some of the others, and I was able to be supportive and help them remain calm during take-off by talking to them and pointing at things to focus on out of the window.

How lucky they are to have a friend like you. What advice would you share with someone else who is thinking of joining Coastlink and our Community Access Program?

It’s a lot of fun! You’ll get to socialise and meet new people all the time, with different types of abilities and personalities. The friendly staff are also very supportive and really help to make the events memorable.

Thanks again for taking the time to chat, Corey. We’ve got one final question for you: “Three words I would use to describe our Coastlink staff would be…”

Lovely, nice and friendly.


Coastlink currently supports over 430 Disability clients, and every day, they’re changing the lives of people living with disability by removing barriers to their success and empowering them to live a life of their choice. To find out more about Coastlink’s programs, visit: