Meet 42-year-old Michael [Mike] Laing: one of the new residents at Casa Capace, Gorokan. 


Current accommodation:

At home on the Central Coast with mum, nearby to the Casa Capace residences.



A very happy and relaxed individual, who loves to be around people and is always taking everything in – he rarely misses a beat!



Listening to music: anything from The Red Hot Chilli Peppers to Elton John, and watching the MTV Classics is always a favourite. Mike’s musical interests extend to vinyl and cassettes, and you’ll often find him flicking through the pages of a Hi-Fi magazine. Mike also loves being around people and absorbing information, BBQs with friends, going out to dinner, particularly catching the train to Chinatown, or trips to Sydney to visit his sister or spend the day in Darling Harbour.


Favourite foods:

Hot chips, lasagna, Smith’s cheese and onion chips, egg sandwiches and having a cup of tea – and he especially likes the biscuits that usually accompany the cuppa!


Favourite room in the house:

You can usually find Mike in the lounge room, where he can relax and still be around people. He will most likely be reading his Hi-Fi magazines or listening to the radio.


Biggest benefit of moving to Casa Capace, Gorokan:

Gaining independence close to home in a comforting and welcoming environment. While it will be a big adjustment, Mike’s family feel confident in trusting Casa Capace and Coastlink to take care of him in the best way possible. Living in Casa Capace will offer Mike a lot more structure and he will still be able to visit home.


Mike’s mum, Kerry, says: “Knowing Mike is living here [in the Casa Capace residences in Gorokan] gives me peace of mind … Most of us get to choose where we want to live, and now I feel like Mike truly has another home that we would have chosen for him, rather than living somewhere just because that is what is available to him.”


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